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Dialogues: selling

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S. Good morning, I'm doing a survey on family life. Could you spare a few moments to answer some questions?
M. Well, I'm rather busy....
S. It'll only take a minute or two. Are you married?
M. Yes, I am.
S. And do you have any children?
M. Yes, two.
S. Have you ever thought about what would happen to your family if you die, or you're taken ill?
M. No, I haven't.
S. Let me tell you about our family protection plan.
M. I really must be.........
S. For only 50 a month this policy covers all medical fees and provides your family with an income equal to your salary in the event of your death.
M. I already have insurance, thank you.
S. Ah but when did you last increase your premiums? The cost of living is rising all the time and no other policy is as generous as ours.
M. I really can't afford any more insurance.
S. But can you afford not to? Just think about your wife and children if anything happens to you.
M. As I said.....
S. As a special offer, for this week only, we can offer you free cover for three months. Just sign here and your policy will start today. You can cancel any time in the next three months and it won't have cost you a penny.
M. I can cancel any time?
S. Yes. Just return the cancellation form. There's nothing to lose.
M. Oh, very well then.

i) A salesman is trying to sell a timeshare
apartment to two holidaymakers.
Make a conversation.