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Dialogues: flying

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Finding a flat
Booking a flight
A: I'd like to book a flight to Tokyo please.
B: Which airline would you like to use?
A: Which is the cheapest?
B: When do you want to travel?
A: Next week, the 15th.
B: Would you like a return ticket?
A: Yes, I'm coming back on the 30th.
B: Let me see....... ABC costs 299.00, but you have to transfer at Hong Kong. XYZ is the cheapest direct flight at 349.00, both tourist class of course.
A: How long does the ABC flight take?
B: Total time is 15 hours, XYZ takes 11 hours.
A: I may as well go with XYZ then.
B: How many seats would you like?
A: Just the one, and could I have vegetarian meals?
B: Certainly, there's no extra charge.

At the check-in desk
C: Good morning, may I have your ticket please?
D: Certainly. Can I take this as hand luggage?
C: Yes, that'll be fine.
D: And can I have an aisle seat in the smoking section?
C: I'm afraid this is a non-smoking flight sir. But you can have an aisle seat. Here's your boarding pass. Have a nice flight.
D: Thank you.

At passport control
E: May I see your passport please?
F: Here you are.
E: What is the purpose of your visit?
F: I'm on business.
E: How long will you be staying?
F: Fifteen days.
E: Thank you very much. Enjoy your stay.

At customs
G: Do you have anything to declare, sir?
H: Just some wine and cigarettes.
G: How much wine do you have?
H: Four bottles.
G: That's fine, and how many cigarettes?
H: I have 20 packets.
G: I'm afraid you're only allowed 280 cigarettes. You'll have to pay duty on the rest.
H: Oh! How much is it?
G: It's 12.00 plus V.A.T. A total of 14.10.
H: Here you are.