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Teaching English as a Second Language


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3 Teacher Training

I can’t over-emphasise that teaching is something you learn by doing. However teacher training courses are useful, as they will introduce you to a range of techniques that you can employ to help your learners learn. They will also remind, or teach, you about the more technical aspects of language such as rules of grammar, phonetics etc. All the kind of stuff you do without thinking about, but can’t necessarily explain why you do it.

If you’ve completed a recognised training course it will make you much more marketable to potential employers and private students, simply by showing you’re serious about teaching and not just another backpacker passing through.

There are a growing number of online TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher training courses. These allow you to study in your own time and pace.

One of the best online TEFL training providers is i-to-i. An i-to-i TEFL course allows you to get TEFL certified and start teaching English as a foreign language! i-to-i Online TEFL course - free trial

For those that prefer more traditional face-to-face tuition many language schools also offer TESL training courses. These can be taken full time part time. Full time courses generally run for four weeks and are highly intensive. You will eat, sleep and drink ESL for the duration. The part time courses cover the same syllabus, but spread over a longer period. The choice is yours. Some people prefer the intensity of full time study, for others part time allows them to keep working and may give longer to absorb the numerous new concepts that are presented.

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