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Teaching English as a Second Language


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1 Introduction

Grew up in an English speaking country? Or your Mum and Dad taught you to speak English? Or both? Congratulations! You have a talent that is in huge demand and that can take you just about anywhere in the world. Teaching English as a second or foreign language.

The world is growing smaller day-by-day. Increasing globalisation in the business world combined with the phenomenal growth of the Internet mean demand for a truly international language has never been greater. And that language is English.

The demand for English is such that a native speaker could probably finance (or substantially subsidise) a global tour without any kind of training or qualification. Indeed, that is what many people do.

However, given the immense and likely increasing demand for English, English teaching is an extremely good career choice. Not only are qualified, experienced English teachers are unlikely to be unemployed for very long but the profession offers the true job satisfaction that comes from the knowledge you are genuinely giving something to others.

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