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How to Speak English Confidently and Naturally

Does speaking in English make you feel uncomfortable? Are you sometimes misunderstood? Is your accent letting you down?

Don't worry, you are not alone. Many people who speak English as a second language have great vocabulary, grammar skills, and knowledge of idioms and slang - but their accent keeps them from sounding like a native speaker.

Every language has its own unique sound pattern that learners naturally, and unconsciously, apply to other languages. But with a little awareness and practice you can easily learn the pattern of natural English and speak English confidently.

How to Improve Speaking in English

To speak English naturally, start by listening to native English speech as much as possible. Listen to movie soundtracks; tune your radio to a (native) English talk channel. Gradually, your English accent will improve, you will be understood more easily, and your speaking confidence will increase.

Sheri Summers has created a terrific American Accent Audio Course. In 16 hours of instant access audio Sheri's course shows you every aspect of mastering the American accent for non-native speakers, including many tips that traditional language courses don't cover.

The American Accent Audio Course comes as a series of MP3 files, so you can learn any time any place that suits you, eg while driving, walking, cooking dinner... - whatever suits you. You also get a PDF Workbook and Awareness Journal.

By improving your English accent, you will:

  • feel at ease in any English-speaking environment
  • improve your job/business prospects
  • improve your social life
  • be able to travel / study / work / live with ease in any English-speaking country

Best of all, signing-up for the American Accent Audio Course is entirely risk free. This course has already helped many people to speak like Americans, but if for some reason it doesn't work for you there's a 60 day money back guarantee.

Visit Sheri's Web site for some free lessons and a great deal on the American Accent Audio Course