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The two must-know languages of 2011

There are two languages that are ruling the world of economy, technology, science and the media. We are talking about English and Chinese. English is the mostly taught second tongue because of its importance as regards globalization. People who do not speak English as their mother tongue are taught the language in a mandatory way, because parents know that the future of their kids might depend on that. Yes, knowing a language as it is English can determine whether a person will have doors open for him or her or nor in their future. People taking English classes in Toronto know they are making a great decision. If you already speak the language, it is even better to improve it. The better you get, the more the opportunities that will come to your life. When people in countries whose official language is not English apply for jobs, they will be required to speak English. Sometimes companies conduct telephone interviews in English where they decide if the applicant will have a second face to face interview. To native English speakers, this might sound a bit odd, but it is nothing different than what happens in the real world. A language can be a mandatory requirement or a plus. In the case of English, it is generally a must.

As regards Chinese, the most spoken language in the world, it represents one fifth of the world’s population. With over 800 million speakers, Mandarin Chinese is the official language of the People’s Republic of China, also spoken by large communities around the world, from Singapore to London to Vancouver.

The economy of China plays a crucial role on the world stage right now. Companies seek to do business with China, because of its growing population and economic activity. It is commonplace to find companies that regard Chinese as an extremely important skill before hiring employees. If you run your own business and would like to expand it and grow, learning Chinese will give you the opportunities you are looking for.

After taking Chinese lessons, Chicago students explain that the experience was worth it, since the language is not as hard to learn as everyone thinks, and the benefits are greater than those you can possibly think of. Chinese grammar is straightforward. There are no tenses, nor plurals or genders. They explain the hard part is mastering the tones, and the fun part, learning to write Chinese characters.