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NEW eil.interactive FREE Online Interactive English Listening Practice

Need Help?

Advice and Tips gives guidance for improving every aspect of your English. Help with listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar.


For many learners of English listening is the hardest skill to master. Now you can practice your listening with our new English Listening clips.


Free English Dialogues giving examples of English that you can use in real life situations. Practice them with friends and fellow learners.


Our unique Idiom Buster presents a series of 20 random idioms and then tests your knowledge of them.

The Reading Room

Practice your reading, improve your vocabulary, and check your understanding of the articles in the Reading Room.

Common Mistakes

The most Common Mistakes made by learners of English are explained and corrected.

The Tenses

The Tenses analyses each tense in detail and provides online practice.

Expressing Rules

Can, must, have to, don't have to; all are explained in Expressing Rules.

Reported Speech

Reported speech explains how to report what was said without using quotes.

International Friends

Improve your English through real English communication. Some of the best penpal and e-pal sites are listed on our International Friendship page.

Teachers Welcome

ESL and EFL teachers are welcome to make use of our resources. See our articles Teaching English as a Second Language and Teach English in Japan.

Web Resources

A portal to some of the best resources currently available on the Web. Includes resources for learners and teachers as well as online reading material.

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