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What's Up?


Welcome to What's Up?

What's Up? is the blog of English the international language.

It has been created in the belief that language learning is all about communication and practice through communication.

I'll be using What's Up? to stimulate discussion in English on real-life topics. The topics could be about anything, though, as I'm currently based in England, some may have a U.K. bias.

Please join the debate by adding your comments to my postings. If you just want to read the words of others, that's fine too, but we hope that sooner or later you'll feel the urge to join in.

What's Up? is specificaly aimed at learners of English from around the world, but native speakers are just as welcome to join the fun.

Some of the topics that come up for discussion may be controversial. Comments expressing strong views about either the postings or the comments of others are welcome, but please respect everyone's right to their own point of view and do not post any insulting remarks.

If you have any comments about What's Up? or any suggestions for topics, please contact us.

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