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This clip features a man talking about events in Britain in January 2005.

At first, just play the clip through to get a general idea of what's being said. Then take a look at the questions. You may be able to answer some or all of them. If you need, play the clip again and listen for the answers. Click Check my answers to check your answers.

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1. Where will "Celtic Connections" be held?
     Edinburgh     Aberdeen     Glasgow 
2. Where will the London Boat Show be held?
     ExCel exhibition centre     Earls Court     Kensington Olympia 
3. What is opening in the Alnwick Garden?  
     a museum   a swimming pool   a tree house

The text of this clip has been taken from the Copyright Free article 2005 Highlights in Britain provided by VisitBritain Press Centre. Read full article (opens in new window).