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The Web offers many great resources for learners and teachers of English as a second or foreign language. On these page we've tried to list some of the best sites available. These sites have been chosen for quality rather than quantity, so hopefully you'll find them useful.

We are always happy to participate in reciprocal Link Exchanges with other relevant, quality sites that will be of value to our visitors. If you would like to propose a candidate site, please let us know.

Web Resources for Learners

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Reading Material on the Web

Practice your reading in English by visiting some of our sister sites. These sites provide information on a wide range of interesting subjects.

New Age Spirituality explores the mysterious world of spirituality and the paranormal.

twinIsles.dev offers free articles on the information age and all its implications.

Easy Web Site Design - learn how to create your own Web site with this simple introduction.

Cult Movies - Cult Movies are movies that command intense interest from a small but dedcicated band of fans. Cult Movies is a portal dedicated to the genre. Read about the finest and most influential cult movies and contribute reviews for your own personal favorites.

Short, scary ghost stories offers a growing collection of ghost stories old and new.

kids stories - a collection of unusual and occasionally scary stories for kids.

Anglobilia - all you ever wanted to know about England: people, places, culture, customs... Includes a section on study in the UK.

Personal Money Management 101 provides an unbiased introduction to finance and investment for ordinary people trying to make the most of their money.