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like a bat out of hell
very fast

makes my blood boil
makes me angry

many happy returns
happy birthday

money for old rope
money that is easily obtained

nice as pie
very nice

off the record
don't tell anyone I told you

once in a blue moon
very rarely

pass the buck
pass responsibility to someone else

pay through the nose
pay an unreasonably high price

piece of cake
very easy

pull someone's leg

salad days

save someone's bacon
save someone from trouble

shut the stable door after the horse has bolted
do something too late

stick in the mud
unadventurous person

take it with a pinch of salt
doubt its truthfulness

turn over a new leaf
change for the better

wet behind the ears

when the cat's away the mice will play
without supervision people misbehave

wouldn't hurt a fly
very gentle