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dead of night
the middle of the night

dog's breakfast
a mess

don't count your chickens
don't assume anything until it actually happens

donkey's years
a long time

drag your feet
take a long time to do something

drinks like a fish
a heavy drinker

drop someone a line
write a letter to someone

excuse my French
I'm sorry I swore

face the music
accept the consequences of a bad deed

fall on your sword
resign for doing something wrong

fiddling while Rome burns
neglecting something very important

field day
very happy of successful time

get cold feet
become nervous

get the sack
be dismissed from a job

golden handcuffs
large sum of money paid to someone for staying in a job

golden handshake
large sum of money paid to someone leaving a job

keep an eye on
look after

kick the bucket

let the cat out of the bag
reveal a secret

let your hair down
be informal